its my first time..


Happy Independence day.  Freedom, liberty, self reliance, autonomy, self determination  –  things worthy to celebrate.

As a ‘legal Alien’ Ive spent my last 12 years here a little cynical of the patriotism and flag waiving. My Australian sarcasm  has been hard to shake, I can  hear my dads voice now – “those crazy bloody yanks. I  married a “crazy yank”, had 2 children and have loved my life here. And really  I do support  the idea of a whole country having a party and celebrating itself. This year I have even committed to the silly stars + stripes accessories. Luckily its a cool flag, an iconic textile,  otherwise would we really flash that around so much?

Anyway I think America is the best of life and the worst of life and thats a thrilling and challenging place to be, to learn, to evolve, to be a photographer.

In my inaugural post  -my visual diary, where I intend to tell stories (its in my blood),  be honest with myself and put out there these photographs of my world. I am celebrating the fact that America’s relentless positivity and enthusiasm has rubbed off on me just a bit.. I am celebrating beautiful  f r e e d o m – theres is so much of it here and  cheers to all the things of America that I  GODAMN  love so much – like, blue jeans, New York City, humming birds, Soul music, graffiti, The Indian spirit, the PCH, neon signs, diners, rock n roll, Mexican food, pick up trucks, Harlem, waitresses  that call me honey and mean it, Snoop Dog,  Broadway, Feminism, New Orleans,  fried chicken,  the Redwoods, dive bars, Main streets, old cowboys, endless highways,  Hip Hop,  Harlem,  Bukowski,  Duke Ellington, Steinbeck,  Maya Angelou, lady truck drivers,  The Blues, El Camino’s, East LA and those pretty stars and stripes.

the beautiful Margret

BMX Mickey Mouse

young + free

pick up


Wayne Watson


cowboy bar Wyoming

lady trucker

highway 26



brave + true