everything is everything

On the 8th of May, my friend Blake Britton flew away. The loss I, we all feel is so enormous and the sadness so deep, so painful. But since that beautiful soul has departed I have been so present, every moment so heightened, and  felt so connected, never before in my life have I been so aware of the oneness of all things. Never before have the flowers been so vibrant, the ocean so wild, my kids laughter so uplifting, the embrace of friends so warming.

It is hard to say goodbye..

It is strange that the one thing that is a definite in life, that we will die, is a subject we don’t want to talk about in our culture. But I don’t want my daughters to be afraid of death, I don’t want them to live with fear in anyway and this event in their young lives has been the opportunity to talk to them honestly about the beauty, the struggle, the preciousness of our short time here. Actually it has been that opportunity for all of us and there is nothing to do  but to hold on to each other, to feel united in the love for our friend,  for one another and for the gift of being here now.

We had quite the send off, in our garden, sunshine, music, stories, tequila, fireworks. So much goddamn love. Blake loved it. I heard his laughter in the thunder above us.

E V E R Y T H I N G   I S  E V E R Y T H I N G